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Our Partners

ASTRA links industry with trade associations, professional and scientific societies and other stakeholders, particularly universities, in making the case for increased government funding for the physical and mathematical sciences and engineering.

ASTRA's research programs, publications, and advocacy materials are widely used by policy makers in and out of government.

ASTRA conducts periodic briefings for policy makers, and organized frequent visits to Capitol Hill and within the Administration to make the case for increased funding for the physical and mathematical sciences and engineering.

BECOME A PARTNER OF ASTRA and help get the word out about innovation and technology issues in America.


ASTRA maintains a List Serve (The "Friends of ASTRA" List) which is used to alert individuals and organizations about fast-moving developments on Capitol Hill and within the Administration. Frequently, individuals are asked to visit or make contact with elected officials, or to sign-on to ASTRA-generated letters of support. In addition, ASTRA seeks to network with other coalitions and organizations united to help advance the cause of science R&D.

Please consider adding your name to our Friends of ASTRA list so that you can be made aware of fast-moving developments in the science policy arena. More importantly, being able to contact you will also insure that you may be able to act in the interests of the S&T community when you feel it is appropriate.

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